Get the Java library

So you want to build a 2D Java game with the LITIengine, that's great! Now, the first thing you want to do is to actually download the library. There are multiple ways to achieve this. The library is distributed over the Maven Central Repository and you can grab the necessary .jar-file(s) from there by using your favorite build automation tool or manually download the library.

Gradle (Groovy)

compile 'de.gurkenlabs:litiengine:0.4.20'

A basic example for a Gradle based LITIENGINE project can be found HERE. Have a look at the project's build.gradle and settings.gradle.

Apache Maven


A basic example for a Maven based LITIENGINE project can be found HERE.

Manual Download


Note: This download will not provide you with any referenced native assemblies (e.g. for Gamepad integration).

Note: This .zip archive contains all the required libraries and native assemblies

Get the utiLITI editor

The LITIENGINE comes with an editor that supports you with creating game environments and managing your resources. It is a stand alone product which produces a .litidata game project files that can then be loaded to your game.

Note: The editor is not an IDE for Java development.

utiLITI for Windows

utiLITI for Linux / MacOS