Discover Games made with LITIENGINE

In this section, we want to present you some of the games created with LITIENGINE. This site is only available preliminarily, while we are pushing forward to deliver a completely reworked version of the LITIENGINE website.

In the meantime, enjoy exploring the capabilities of LITIENGINE!

Games made with LITIENGINE

Water pumpkins and prevent rival farmers from ruining your harvest! Made during LDJAM46.

Steal the Romans' slaves in this thrilling adventure made during LDJAM44.

A heartwarming story about tolerance and... naked people in a club. Made during LDJAM 42.


You're the last survivor on earth! Can you overcome the hordes of brain-hungry zombies?

Santa's Elves are hoarding all the precious presents for themselves! Make them see reason.

Your nose was stolen by pesky circus gnomes - reclaim what's yours! Made during LDJAM38.

Defy zombies with your shape shifting capabilities. Made during LDJAM35.

Protect your territory in this stoneage MOBA game.