The LITIengine is a free, open source and easy to learn 2D Java Game Engine. It provides the infrastructure to create a 2D tile-based Java Game, be it a platformer, a top-down shooter or an RPG. The main features include a 2D Physics Engine, a 2D Render Engine, a 2D Sound Engine, a Particle System, support for Tiled Maps (.tmx) and a clean API for the Basic Game Infrastructure. Originally it was written by the two bavarian brothers Steffen and Matthias and now it has become an rapidly developed open source project with a raising number or contributors and an active Community.

One major difference to other engines is that the 2D Render Engine is entirely based on plain Java AWT Graphics. If you've learned or starting to learn Java this will instantly give you great results and highly optimized rendering performance with what you already know. We think that this is a great and simple way to start making video games without having to care about a lot of vector math or "OpenGL shenanigans". The graphics can then be further enhanced by the Particle System to create beautiful visual effects (like fire or smoke).

The Environments in the LITIengine are based on .tmx maps which can be created and edited with the well known Tiled Level Editor and further enhanced by entities of the engine.

Moreover, the SoundEngine support two dimensional audio that can be played relative to a position in the environment.